Willowbrook golf course held a three way golf match between Coffee County High School, Shelbyville and Grundy County on Aug. 13. The contest had each school’s teams split off into groups of three with one player from each school on each team. Each player would then attempt to get the best possible score at each hole. When the contest was over the teams would add up the scores of all the players and whichever team had the lowest score would be declared the winner.

For Coffee County’s part Logan Hale had the best score on his team posting a 78 for the day. He was followed by Zack Tidwell who posted a score of 90, while Blake Perry had a 92 for the day. Cadie Prater followed next with a score of 93 and was joined by Araya Hughes with a score of 95. With everyone else on the team added on Coffee County finished with a 358 for the day.

Shelbyville posted the best scores of the day with a team score of 328. This was in large part due to five members of the team posting scores below 90. Bennett Boyce led the way with a score of 75, followed by Hannah Campbell who posted an 81. Brady O’neal and Hunter Wilhelm both posted a score of 83.

Grundy County had a bit of trouble during the match posting a 426 team score. Lucas Campbell was the team’s best scorer with a 102 on the day. Ty Bray was next with a 104, followed by Noah and Aiden Lusk who both posted a 110 score.

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