Clower Automotive overcomes First Vision in 12U matchup

First Vision pitcher Lane Johnson winds up the pitch.

First Vision and Clower Automotive squared off on July 3 in the 12U matchup. The game began with a flurry of points scored by both teams. First Vision began the contest by scoring three runs courtesy of Riley Evans, Boone Floyd, and Trey Sullivan. Not to be out done Clower Automotive scored five runs in response.

The second inning saw the scoring frenzy continue. First Vision started the scoring frenzy with runs scored courtesy of Evans and Boone, who were quickly joined by Eli Hancock, Quinn Barnett, and Mack Barrett. Clower once again matched First Visions production by scoring five runs of their own putting the score at First Vision 8-Clower 10

The third inning saw a defensive stand by Clower Automotive to ensure their victory. First Vision had one last chance to score two runs and bring the game into extra innings. Clower didn’t give them the chance however, as they struck out every batter that First Vision fielded, leaving the score First Vision 8-Clower 10.

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