CMS Volleyball defeats Harris in home opener

CMS gets ready to return the serve.

Coffee County Middle School started its fall volleyball season as Harris visited the Lady Raiders. The first set was a backand forth effort where one mistake would spell victory for the other team. The second set was a class in points off of serves that Coffee County Middle was eager to teach.

The game began with CMS player Tiffany Lamb setting up three quick scoring opportunities. Harris would not be outdone as the team matched the Lady Raiders production. Danni Hillis was next as she scored two quick points before her serve hit the net giving Harris an opportunity to respond. Respond they did as Harris scored two points in return. Addison McCullough served next for the Lady Raiders. She was able to get her team another two points, while Harris was unable to match the production.

Rileigh Russell served next for the Lady Raiders helping her team score another three points before Harris was able to respond. Carrington Saner went next with another two points for her team, while Harris was still playing catchup. Kamryn Hoback finished the first rotation of servers for the Lady Raiders by scoring a point while Harris scored a point in response.

When the serving rotation had gone back to Lamb the game seemed to be in the Lady Raiders favor. The team was up three and Harris had difficulty matching the scoring production. This was the case at the beginning of the new serving rotation as Lamb facilitated two more scores for the Lady Raiders. Harris was able to keep the deficit manageable as the team scored two in response.

Hillis made a run with her second time serving in the set. She facilitated four scores for her team and put them in striking distance of match point. McCullough helped her team to another two scores and placed even more pressure on Harris to respond. After Russell scored a quick point for her team, Harris became invigorated. The team scored six points on the Lady Raiders as they clawed their way to a one point deficit.

The pressure was now on both teams with the match point looming. Saner was able to score a quick point, but Harris quickly responded with two putting the game at 23 even. With the first set on the line both teams put out their maximum effort. Three long rallies finally ended as the Lady Raiders were able to score the match point.

The second set wasn’t nearly as close. Coffee County came out of the gate with a blitz of points courtesy of Hillis who scored eight unanswered off of the serve. Harris was unable to keep up with this barrage of points as the team was only able to score two in response. Sensing an opportunity Russell supplied a cavalcade of points as well facilitating 11 points for team. This allowed the Lady Raiders to win the match 2-0.  

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