Girls Soccer tryouts finish without a hitch

Hopeful CHS girls soccer players run a drill during tryouts.

The CHS Girls Soccer tryouts concluded on Jun 16 with Coach Lee Xixis and his staff leading the hopeful applicants through drills that test their skills and their endurance.

 “It’s great to be back out there,” Xixis said. “This year is stranger than years prior due to the conditioning of the players. Normally, a lot of them would have been playing in summer leagues or travel teams, but due to the pandemic that wasn’t possible. This means we have to work a little harder in making sure that they can be conditioned for the season.

 “We had 22 tryout this year,” Xixis said. “We have 15 returning players this season, with five seniors who were starters last year, so we should have plenty of experience on the field for the season. We don’t have set amounts of roster spots to be filled usually, as we have a varsity and junior varsity teams that set can be called up as needed. The problem this year though is that we don’t know yet if the junior varsity will have a season given the pandemic.”

The season unofficially begins with a play day on Aug. 8, with the team’s first game taking place on Aug. 18 at Lincoln County.

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