Chloe Haggard

Chloe Haggard goes airborne in the pole vault competition Thursday afternoon. Haggard set a new personal best in the event with a height of 7'.

Central High School track and field traveled to Murfreesboro on Thursday, May 23, to compete on day two of the TSSAA State Track and Field Championships. Six CHS athletes took part in the competition, with three field events and one relay team. 

The group started off the day at 9 a.m. with Macy Tabor at the girls' high jump and Trace Bryant at the boys' pole vault. 

Tabor's first jump was 4' 8" before clearing 4' 10" on her second attempt. This was her top finish in the event to finish in 14th place. 

In the pole vault, Bryant opened with a height of 9' 6" and followed up with a 10' reach. He scratched on his attempts of 10' 6" to finish in 14th place with his 10' jump.

CHS was back in action at noon for Chloe Haggard's attempt at the girls' pole vault competition. Haggard, who had only picked up the event a few weeks prior to states, opened with a 6' jump before reaching 6' 6" on her second attempt. She followed up with 7' on her next try to set a new personal best. 

"It's pretty cool, I've been doing it for less than a month I guess," Haggard said. "It's fun. I really wish I could've done it, like start it, sooner."

Haggard scratched on her three attempts at 7' 6" to finish in 15th at 7'. This was the senior's first trip to states and brought her CHS career to a close. 

"It's a big accomplishment. I never thought I'd go to state for anything," Haggard said. "Especially pole vault since I just started it. I just keep saying it's crazy because it is."

The team closed out its state competition at 8 p.m. Thursday evening with the boys' 4 x 400 relays. The CHS team of Trace Bryant, Renato Garcia, John Dobson and Kelvin Verge finished with a time of 3:32.73 to take 15th place. This was the group's new personal best.

4 x 400 team

From left to right: John Dobson, Kelvin Verge, Renato Garcia and Trace Bryant competed in the boys's 4 x 400 relay competition. The group closed out its season with a new personal best in the event at 3:32.73.

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