Mary Wolfrum

Mary Wolfrum grapples with an opponent from Tullahoma on Dec. 20. Wolfrum finished in sixth place in her weight class Saturday with a 3-2 record. 

The Central High School wrestling team was back at Raider Academy Tuesday night for its final home meet of the season. The CHS grapplers picked up a 54-20 victory over Eagleville, before falling to region foe Oakland 68-6.

Against the Eagles, the Raiders picked up wins from Christopher Speagle, Cardin Stump, Hunter Massey, Hunter Warring, Gavin Prater, Jesse Smith, Dakota Chalker, Rey Reyes and Zachary Galay. Speagle and Stump's wins came by forfeit. 

Taking on Oakland, Francis and Smith were the only Raider wrestlers to pick up wins. 

In the girls' competition, MaryAnne Walker defeated Eagleville's Madison Kohler. Lyra Leftwhich was unable to defeat Kohler in their duel, resulting in a 6-6 split for the Lady Raiders. 

Full results

Vs. Eagleville

Coffee County High Shcool (CFCHS) 54.0 Eagleville (EAGL) 20.0

220: Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) over   (EAGL) (For.) 285: Cardin Stump (CFCHS) over   (EAGL) (For.) 106: Zachary Lewis (EAGL) over Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) (Dec 12-8) 113: Hunter Massey (CFCHS) over Cameron Burns (EAGL) (Fall 1:04) 120: Gabe Pennington (EAGL) over Brett Francis (CFCHS) (Fall 2:53) 126: Double Forfeit 132: Hunter Waring (CFCHS) over   (EAGL) (For.) 138: Gavin Prater (CFCHS) over Dylan Pratt (EAGL) (Fall 1:39) 145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over eli dodson (EAGL) (Fall 0:43) 152: Wyatt McLemore (EAGL) over Jesse Smith (CFCHS) (TF 21-6 0:00) 160: Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) over Erik Johnson (EAGL) (Fall 3:59) 170: Jason Dennis (EAGL) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (Fall 0:54) 182: Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) over Kwon Park (EAGL) (Fall 4:28) 195: Zachary Galy (CFCHS) over Donevin Darnell (EAGL) (Fall 3:48) 

Coffee County High School (Girls) ( CHS) 6.0 Eagleville (Girls) ( EGI) 6.0

125: MaryAnne Walker ( CHS) over Madison Kohler ( EGI) (Fall 1:18) 132: Madison Kohler ( EGI) over Lyra Leftwich ( CHS) (Fall 1:46) 

Vs. Oakland

Oakland (OAKL) 68.0 Coffee County High Shcool (CFCHS) 6.0

106: Chase Stokes (OAKL) over Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) (Fall 0:40) 113: Tyler Vanderheyden (OAKL) over Hunter Massey (CFCHS) (MD 17-5) 120: Brett Francis (CFCHS) over Kenton Smith (OAKL) (Dec 9-3) 126: aalijah Daniel (OAKL) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 132: Joe Bell (OAKL) over Hunter Waring (CFCHS) (Fall 4:22) 138: Andrew Farrar (OAKL) over Gavin Prater (CFCHS) (Fall 0:22) 145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over Nathaniel Gray (OAKL) (Dec 6-0) 152: Jude King (OAKL) over Devin Judge (CFCHS) (Fall 2:39) 160: Dejon Glaster (OAKL) over Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) (Fall 1:39) 170: Cole Coughran (OAKL) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (MD 16-5) 182: Nolan Cook (OAKL) over Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) (Fall 2:27) 195: caleb perkins (OAKL) over Zachary Galy (CFCHS) (Fall 1:11) 220: Kameron Bingnam (OAKL) over Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) (Fall 1:06) 285: Jackson Riley (OAKL) over Cardin Stump (CFCHS) (Fall 0:20) 

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