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Central High School wrestling was back in action Saturday, Dec. 1, for the Mt. Juliet Bear Duels at Mt. Juliet High School.

In the girls’ competition, Andrea Hickman defeated Antioch’s Devin Scott. Lyra Leftwich was victorious over Ayrid Miracles, also of Antioch. Anna Takao handed Scott another defeat on the day. MaryAnne Walker split her series with Mt. Juliet’s Kaitlyn Lee, winning their first meeting but falling in their second bout.

The boys defeated Siegel 48-36, followed by a 39-33 win over Lebanon and a 58-24 win over Antioch. The team was handed its first defeat with a 43-27 loss to Mt. Juliet. Jesse Smith won all four of his day’s matches.

Full results

Vs. Siegel:

160: Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) over Austin Watson (SIEG) (Fall 4:49) 170: Samuel Frazier (SIEG) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (MD 13-3) 182: Kenneth  Phillips  (SIEG) over Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) (Fall 2:49) 195: Connor Milhorn (SIEG) over Nicholas Martinez (CFCHS) (Fall 2:00) 220: Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) over   (SIEG) (For.) 285: Cardin Stump (CFCHS) over Daniel Hall  (SIEG) (Fall 3:51) 106: Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) over   (SIEG) (For.) 113: Zachary Tune (SIEG) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 120: Brett Francis (CFCHS) over   (SIEG) (For.) 126: Hunter Massey (CFCHS) over   (SIEG) (For.) 132: Caden McCandless (SIEG) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 138: Johnathan Cable (CFCHS) over Andrew Perkins (SIEG) (Fall 0:53) 145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over Evan Lowe (SIEG) (Fall 0:55) 152: Gunner Johnson (SIEG) over Gavin Prater (CFCHS) (Fall 3:37) 

Vs. Lebanon:

170: Ryan Brown (LEBA) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (Fall 0:21) 182: Zachary Galy (CFCHS) over   (LEBA) (For.) 195: Joseph Moore (LEBA) over Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) (MD 19-6) 220: Evan Clemmons (LEBA) over Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) (TF 17-1 0:00) 285: Eli Nelms (LEBA) over Cardin Stump (CFCHS) (Fall 1:25) 106: Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) over   (LEBA) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Brett Francis (CFCHS) over Thomas  Reynolds (LEBA) (Fall 0:18) 126: Eli  Clemons (LEBA) over Hunter Massey (CFCHS) (Fall 1:30) 132: Bryce Thomas  (LEBA) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 138: Johnathan Cable (CFCHS) over Dejuan Williamson (LEBA) (Dec 10-5) 145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over Ryan  Wood  (LEBA) (Fall 0:00) 152: Gavin Prater (CFCHS) over   (LEBA) (For.) 160: Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) over   (LEBA) (For.) 

Vs. Antioch:

152: Gavin Prater (CFCHS) over Roman Rodriguez (ANTI) (Fall 3:03) 160: Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) over   (ANTI) (For.) 170: joshua newborn (ANTI) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (Fall 1:07) 182: Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) over Marquez Lee (ANTI) (Fall 3:14) 195: Nicholas Martinez (CFCHS) over Brayan Taran (ANTI) (Fall 2:44) 220: Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) over Gregory Pena (ANTI) (Fall 0:30) 285: Cardin Stump (CFCHS) over   (ANTI) (For.) 106: Steve Ramos (ANTI) over Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) (Fall 0:30) 113: Darius Pannell (ANTI) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 120: Brett Francis (CFCHS) over   (ANTI) (For.) 126: Hunter Massey (CFCHS) over   (ANTI) (For.) 132: Brandon Torres (ANTI) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 138: Johnathan Cable (CFCHS) over Ka`Morii Hicks (ANTI) (MD 14-0) 145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over Fabian Corea-Flores (ANTI) (Fall 4:56) 

Vs. Mt. Juliet:

145: Jesse Smith (CFCHS) over Calin Green (MTJU) (Fall 2:28) 152: Gavin Prater (CFCHS) over Aiden Smith (MTJU) (Fall 4:52) 160: Logan Dunphy (MTJU) over Dakota  Chalker (CFCHS) (Dec 9-2) 170: Dylan Quinn (MTJU) over Jacob Phillips (CFCHS) (Fall 2:00) 182: Collin Smith (MTJU) over Reynaldo Reyes (CFCHS) (Fall 2:17) 195: Daniel Smith (MTJU) over Nicholas Martinez (CFCHS) (Fall 3:49) 220: Christopher Speagle (CFCHS) over Wade Savage (MTJU) (Dec 9-5) 285: Cardin Stump (CFCHS) over   (MTJU) (For.) 106: Carl Glenn (MTJU) over Gabriel Westbrook (CFCHS) (Fall 2:22) 113: Dillon Scott (MTJU) over   (CFCHS) (For.) 120: Brett Francis (CFCHS) over Harrison Bartoshesky (MTJU) (Fall 3:59) 126: gabe tracy (MTJU) over Hunter Massey (CFCHS) (Fall 1:59) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Donovan Henry (MTJU) over Johnathan Cable (CFCHS) (MD 13-4) 


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