The Elementary Cross Country race league held its first race of the 2019 season on Thursday, August 29. The event featured a girls' race and a boys' race and was held at the Manchester Soccer Complex, with teams from ten Coffee County elementary schools in attendance. 

Team victories went to New Union Elementary in the girls' race and Westwood Elementary for the boys. 

Listed below are the top five team performances for both races.

Girls                                                                  Boys
5th Place - East Coffee                                     5th Place - Farrar
4th Place - North Coffee                                   4th Place - North Coffee  
3rd - Place - Westwood                                    3rd Place - New Union
2nd Place -  College Street                               2nd Place - College Street 
1st Place - New Union                                   1st Place -  Westwood

The individual winner of the girls' race was Lizzy Sharpton of Tullahoma's Farrar Elementary. Ricardo Solorio of Westwood carried the boys' race.

Listed below are the top 10 finishers for the girls' and boys' races.


1. Lizzy Sharpton- Farrar

2. Jada Nagel- College Street

3. Jaydee Nogodula- New Union

4. Riley Howell – Hillsboro

5. Reece Finch –Westwood

6. Bella VanZandbergen- Westwood

7. Hayleigh Harris- New Union

8. Chloe Hensiek- New Union

9. Mia Ahlijah- College Street

10. Zallona Dilliard- College Street


1. Ricardo Solorio- Westwood

2. Ty Deaton- College Street

3. Jonah Rathjen Valley- Farrar

4. Brady Christian- Westwood

5. Trey Sullivan- College Street

6.  Ethan Reed- East Coffee

7.  Aidan Walker- Westwood

8.  Payton Behrendorff- Farrar

9.  Myles McIntosh- New Union

10. Joan Deanda- Westwood