Kiya Ferrell

Kiya Ferrell during a scrimmage against Lawrence County on Thursday, July 25. Ferrell led the Lady Raiders in kills Wednesday night at Eagleville with seven total. 

Central High School volleyball traveled to Whitwell High School on Wednesday, August 21, for its first away match of the regular season. The Lady Raiders powered through three sets for another 3-0 win to open 2019. 

CHS won the first set 25-15 and allowed even fewer points in the second to win 25-11. In the third and final set, the Lady Raiders held on to defeat Whitwell 25-20.

The team had 29 kills, with seven each from Keelie Hillis and Kiya Ferrell. Ferrell also led in aces, with four of the team's 10. Amanda Mukai had 13 of the Lady Raiders' 25 assists and Sarah West had eight of their 19 digs. 

The Lady Raiders have yet to give up a set to the opposition and have won all three of their games by match scores of 3-0.