Jaxon Vaughn

Jaxon Vaughn attempts a shot in the Raiders' morning game against Cannon County. Later in the day against Fayetteville, Vaughn recorded eight points.

Central High School boys' basketball returned home on Thursday, June 20, to host the Red Raider Play-Day at Joe Frank Patch Gymnasium. The one-day event featured five teams and closed the Raiders' summer scrimmage schedule. 

CHS picked up a pair of wins over Cannon County and Fayetteville to go 2-0 on the day. The team won both games 56-50.

"I thought the guys played really well today," Coach Micah Williams said. "I thought our defensive energy was kind of the key to both of those wins."

After CHS was able to stay in control in the morning match with Cannon County, the team fought back from an early deficit against Fayetteville in the afternoon. The Raiders trailed the Tigers through the first quarter before they retook the lead early in the second quarter.

CHS held on in the second half to close the summer schedule with a win. Jaylon Wooten and Kyle Farless led the CHS offense with 13 points and 10 points, respectively.

Overall, Williams was pleased with how the team performed through the various team camps it participated in.

"We've looked pretty good. I think we've improved a lot from the first game," Williams said. "A lot of good things throughout the summer and several negatives but that's kind of expected in the summer with a new team."

With the Raiders looking to replace the loss of various departed seniors such as Darius Rozier, Williams said that several players had stepped into more of a scoring leadership role this summer.

Among them were Wooten and Farless, as well as CJ Anthony, Jaxon Vaughn, Tyler Taylor and Hayden Hullett. Williams added that Taylor and Hullett's development would be the key to increase the team's depth off the bench this season.

"All guys that have been very consistent and are gonna have really increased roles this year," Williams explained. "I think they're all up for the challenge."

Overall, the team was strong on offense this summer and able to find ways to get the ball to the basket. Williams said that one area to continue to work on was the team's ability to shoot the ball from outside. 

"I want to see a little bit more consistency with our outside shooting," Williams said. "We've got the guys that can do it, it just comes with repetition."

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