Westwood vs Community 9/6/18

The Westwood Rockets near the Community end zone late in the third quarter. This offensive drive produced Westwood's second touchdown of the game.

The Westwood Rockets football team hosted the Community Middle Vikings on Thursday for a rainy showdown at Dyer-Bouldin Field.

From the start, the Rockets had a hard time containing the Vikings offense. Community got on the board early with their first drive of the game, sitting at 6-0 after a missed two-point conversion.

Despite impressive runs from 8th grade running back Connor Smith, Westwood wasn't able to capitalize and finished the first quarter down 12-0.

Things didn't get much better for the Rockets in the second quarter. A pair of touchdowns and two-point attempts catapulted the Vikings to 28-0 at the close of the half.

The Rockets offense started to find its rhythm later in the second half, getting on the board in the last seconds of the third quarter.

Westwood continued to right the ship with a pair of touchdowns late in the fourth quarter at 3:35 and 1:46, but their efforts wouldn't be enough to sail past the Vikings, who beat the Rockets 34-19.

Smith and fellow 8th Grader Konor Heaton led the Rockets' rushing offense Thursday night. Heaton rushed for 95 yards on 16 carries and two touchdowns followed by Smith with 91 yards on 16 carries and another trip to the end zone.

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