As the Summer League season winded down on July 27 the league’s 6U division played its final game of the season as Star Physical Therapy visited Manchester Tire and Brake. The contest began with a bit of offensive trouble from Star. The team wasn’t able to convert many of their hits into runs scored despite the best efforts of players such as Zack Siler and Curtis Rowe. Tire and Brake didn’t seem to have any such worries. The team scored seven runs in the first inning via Keynan Perry, Pinor Cashan, Causer Floyd, Owen Holder, Noah Frederick, Brotie Alijah, and Jouch Whales.

The second inning had similar issues for Star. The team was able to get two hits courtesy of Jace Norman and Noah Curlee. Tire and Brake was still on the offensive as the team topped their first inning production. They were able to score eight runs in the inning with runs scored by Perry, Cashan, Floyd, Holder, Trey Stevens, Sawyer Holmes, Karen Shelton, and Parker Childron.

Star was able to find home plate in the third and final inning as Dowell Peachman and Siler were able to break through the stout Tire and Brake defense. The game ended after another three outs with Star Physical Therapy 2-Manchester Tire and Brake 15.

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