Motlow Lady Bucks make national tournament

The Motlow Lady Bucks soccer team has made history quite literally as the first and only Tennessee junior college soccer team to make the national tournament. The team is coached by Andy Lyon who has been involved with coaching soccer for many years. On the coaching staff is CCHS alumni Katie Reid who played for the Lady Raider soccer teams all throughout her school years. Reid graduated from CCHS in 2014 but had known Lyon’s for years prior as he coached her youth soccer league.

                “We have a team that is hard to plan around,” Reid said. “There isn’t just one player that opponents can find to key in and gain a competitive advantage on this team. The team has multiple players that make plays every game and it truly is an honor to get to watch them play. They truly are a team.” One such example of the Lady Bucks’ cohesion was in the district championship game. The game came down to the wire with penalty kicks being the deciding factor. “We never had any doubt that we would win that game,” Reid said. “None of the coaches or players even considered the alternative. It was absolutely surreal to be on the sideline for that game.”

                The national tournament is decided by districts which is a system that is reminiscent of the Tennessee high school tournaments. The big difference lies in who gets an automatic bid. Only eight teams are guaranteed a spot in the tournament and the Lady Bucks did so well they were one of those eight in the nation. It’s no wonder that no other junior college Tennessee team has ever cracked the national tournament, there are frankly very few spots to get in. The Lady Bucks national tournament run will have already started by the time this story is out as the tournament begins on Nov. 15.