Powers Storage overcomes Bush in 12U division

Kason Morrison warms up for the game against Powers Storage.

The baseball action continued July 9 when Powers Storage visited Bush. The game began with Powers Storage scoring two runs courtesy of Trevor Jesse and Austin Gipson. Powers Storage kept that momentum on defense as pitcher Bryan Campbell struck out the first two batters as the third was caught out.

The second inning saw Bush going on the offensive as Elijah Vernon and Kasen Shores both scored during the inning. Defensively the team was able to keep the game tied as pitcher Kason Morrison was able to strike a Powers Storage batter out while his team played stout defense.

The third inning saw both teams matching the production of the other. Powers started by having Gipson score his second run of the game and Justin Franks scoring his first. Bush scored two runs of their own with Jaden Dickens and Sy Owens both scoring to keep the game tied at four.

Powers Storage jumped ahead in the fourth inning. The team once again found its stride they were able to keep Bush from scoring any runs in the inning. Powers was able to keep the hitting rhythm as Gipson scored his third and final run of the contest alongside Parker Daniel scoring his first run.

Powers managed to hold off a comeback attempt in the fifth and final inning as Bush player Dickens was able to score the last run for his team before Powers scored two runs in response ending the game with Powers Storage 8-Bush 5.

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