Powers Storage uses smothering defense in 12U win

Powers Storage pitcher Austin Gipson prepares to throw another strike.

Powers Storage faced First Vision on July 2 in the 12U division after rain delays halted any games earlier in the week. The game began with Powers Storage scoring five runs courtesy of Kenton Rowe, Austin Gipson, Brycen Campbell, Justin Franks, and Jonas Roper. Powers kept their fast start on defense as well allowing no runs to be scored by First Vision.

The second inning saw a defensive duel as First Vision responded to the stifling play of Powers in the first inning. First Vision slowed the scoring frenzy of Powers by striking out three batters, but not before Powers was able to score two more runs via Rowe and AJ Schuster. Powers continued its defensive prowess and once again halted any scoring from First Vision.

The third inning had Powers putting the game away. First Vision was able to keep Powers from scoring all but one run by way of Trevor Jesse, but it wasn’t enough as Powers once again kept the team from scoring ending the contest Powers 8-First Vision 0.

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