Powers Storage wins in defensive battle versus Shelter

Shelter Insurance pitcher Matt Moore winds up his pitch vs Powers Storage

Defense was the key in the July 24 12U matchup between Shelter and Powers Storage. The game began with hits from Shelter players Pressley Booker, Matt Moore, and Ian Smith. All three runners were tagged out however as Powers was able to keep Shelter from scoring. Powers had a bit more success as Justin Frank was able to score a run. Shelter allowed no more however as the team was able to strike out two Powers hitters and tagged another player out.

Defense continued to be paramount in the second inning. Powers once again kept Shelter from scoring. Shelter wasn’t quite able to return the favor as Powers was able to score a run courtesy of Brycen Campbell. Shelter quickly stopped any further runs with another two strike outs and a tagged runner.

Neither team gave an inch in the third inning. Powers struck out two Shelter runners and tagged out a third. Shelter didn’t allow any runners on base as pitcher Matt Moore struck out all three batters.

The third inning turned out to be paramount as the game was still in either teams reach. Shelter started the inning off with a run scored by Booker. Smith followed suite along with David Featherman. Powers was behind for the first time all game and their players rose to the challenge. Aj Schuster and Austin Gipson both scored for Powers during the inning giving the team a one run lead going into the fifth inning.

The defensive battle resumed in earnest during the fifth inning. Powers Storage pitcher Brycen Campbell struck out two Shelter batters while his team kept the third from scoring. Shelter was able to keep Powers from scoring save for one run scored by Ethan Rees.

Shelter had given themselves a chance in the sixth and final inning. The team was down only two runs, but had to overcome the stout defense of Powers Storage. Shelter was able to make a few base hits but Powers quickly tagged them out leaving the final score Shelter 3- Powers 5.

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