Lebanon is the next opponent that the Red Raiders have to face this season, and the Red Raiders are looking to get back on track after losing for the third week in a row.

Lebanon has so far only dropped one game this season to Wilson Central in a 17-14 defensive slugging match. The game prior the Blue Devils dropped 50 points to run Antioch out of the building. The Blue Devil’s games against Cookeville and Siegel were both one score games with Lebanon beating Cookeville 21-14 and Siegel 28-21

It seems like the Blue Devils have a more balanced offensive approach compared to Page’s spread style offense from last week. The team scored on a few long bombs throughout each of their games for example a 59 yard passing touchdown to take the lead over Cookeville. The team also scores consistently in the running game, though specific stats haven’t been provided for Lebanon. As such it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint what the Red Raiders are looking to do going into the matchup, which isn’t to say that Coach Greene doesn’t know but that it’s tough from the author’s positon to make a guess.

That said with little info is available it seems that the Red Raiders will want to try to play their style of football. Establish the run early, and get Konor Heaton going, and eat the clock away during the game. Defensively the team has improved in each of the games that have been played, though Page exploited some mismatches on the secondary that resulted in some easy touchdowns. The defense has a knack for making turnovers when necessary forcing at least one so far in every game that said it seems that the team has trouble getting on the same page recently. The team’s offense will be humming but then the defense has some trouble, or the team makes a big turnover and stalls at midfield, or even worse the opposing team kicks an onside kick and easily recovers giving them great field position to take the lead. Hopefully, the team can all be on the same page and if so they shouldn’t have too much trouble against Lebanon.