Red Raiders run over Maplewood

Konor Heaton scores his second touchdown of the night.

The Red Raiders were firing on all cylinders on Oct. 9 when the team faced the Maplewood Panthers at home. The Raiders were especially effective on the ground as the team ran for 308 rushing yards mostly coming off the efforts of Konor Heaton. Heaton carried the ball 19 times for 120 yards and reached the endzone twice on a one yard run and a seven yard run. Marshall Haney got involved with a 49-yard touchdown run that put the game away. Coner Shemwell had 107 yards passing and was responsible for a touchdown run and a jump pass to Kelvin Verge from eight yards out.

CJ Anthony had an interception on the beleaguered Maplewood offense and was instrumental in pinning the Panthers back in their own end zone to force an early safety. All said the Red Raiders had the game locked up towards the end of the second quarter as Maplewood’s offense couldn’t seem to get off the ground, with the majority of the Panther’s points coming in garbage time. With the combination of the Red Raider’s offensive frenzy and the team’s defensive stand they were able to cruise into a 37-20 win. The Red Raiders play the undefeated Warren County Pioneers for homecoming on Oct. 16 for their next game. With two a win streak under their belt the Red Raiders may surprise the upstart Pioneers next week. 

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