Softball tryouts held

Coach Brandon Mcwhorter observes a potential player as she gets ready for the pitch

Softball tryouts were held on May 26 and May 28 at the softball field behind CCCHS. The tryouts focused on hitting and fielding with multiple pitchers coming in to test the batting prowess of the hopeful players.

The coaches carefully watched as each player attempted to read the pitch coming from the starting pitchers. Whether the batter had the proper stance, knew which pitches to swing at, and which ones to try to bunt were all taken into consideration.

 “It’s great to smell the grass and feel the dirt,” Coach Brandon Mcwhorter said. “We had 13 girls tryout this year and every one of them was extremely capable.

“We have to narrow that down to seven and that is always the hardest part. Me and the coaches will have some long conversations about who stood out.”

The softball team was one of the most affected by the sudden end to the school year in the 2019-2020 season as the team had state aspirations leading into the season.

One player that was on the team last year is senior pitcher Keri Munn. Munn was one of the pitchers that pitched to the players during tryouts.

“It’s really good to be out here,” Munn said. “I feel bad for the seniors last year that didn’t get the chance to finish up their season.

“It makes me appreciate the season more than ever and I’m definitely dedicating this season to them. My personal goal for this year is to win pitcher of the year and our team is to win the district and then go to state. We have quite a few talented players trying out this year from what I can tell from pitching to them.”

The roster was unavailable as of press time.

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