Viam comes out on top in high scoring 10U matchup

 Viam Pitcher goes through his pitching form to send heater over the plate.

CCB and Viam met on June 23 for a matchup in the 10U division. The game began with strong hitting from both teams. Gab Bonner, Will Carden, and Kellan Hershman all had base hits and were in prime scoring position, but clutch pitching by Viam denied CCB their scores. Viam’s time at bat appeared to be short as CCB struck out the first two batters. However, Viam seemed unfazed by the two outs and scored seven runs in response before CCB earned the last out.

CCB stimmed the tide some in the second inning with runs scored by Jordan Henley and Clayton Keele. Viam was not done scoring however as the team scored another three runs courtesy of Xaavier Layne, Bryce Spencer, and Ty Stevens putting the score at Viam 10- CCB 2.

The third inning saw another burst of points from Viam. Ryce Tesiro, Layne, Sammy Farley, Fred Mandach, and Spencer all scored a run during the inning putting the game in do or die state for CCB who needed to score 13 runs if there was going to be another full inning.

The fourth inning saw CCB score a flurry of runs. Bonner, Nolan Keele, Tucker Linzey, Levi Dotson, Blaine Bonner, and Jordan Henley all scored during the final effort, but it was not enough as Viam held on to win 15-9.

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