Westwood battles to second place finish in Elkmont

Jayden Carter splits the Elkmont defense.

The Westwood Rockets battled from Dec. 29 to Dec. 30 in Elkmont, Alabama. The team participated in Elkmont's first annual Christmas tournament. 

Westwood went undefeated in the tournament until the final day where the Rockets had an endurance test on their hands playing four games in seven hours. 

Elkmont got the best of Westwood in the game of the day, causing Westwood to play Highland Rim for a chance at Elkmont again. Westwood succeeded and earned a rematch with the hosting team.

Whereas Elkmont got the better of the Rockets earlier in the day, Westwood showed no signs of fatigue in the rematch as the team punished Elkmont's lackadaisical pace on the break earning the Rockets a 35-30 victory and another game against Elkmont.

Elkmont came into the championship game with a renewed focus and attacked the physically exhausted Rockets at the rim. The prior games seemed to catch up with the Rockets as Elkmont was able to earn the championship.