Westwood hires Gannon as new coach

Coach Gannon shows Lane Fann how to cross during open gym.

The Westwood Rocket basketball team has a new head coach. Anita Gannon, a long time assistant coach for the CCHS Lady Raiders, took over for Jerry Brown.

"I love basketball," Gannon said when asked why she took the job. "Interacting with kids is very rewarding and I think its very important to give them strong fundamentals that they can build on. We've got some good players this year and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of them." 

Gannon got to work immediately, as the newly hired coach hosted an open gym the day following her appointment. At the open gym she drilled the perspective Westwood players on fundamentals and stressed effort and body language after mistakes. "A mistake is only a problem if you don't learn from it," Gannon explained to the team. "I'm a new coach so I may make some mistakes, but I'll make sure to be better for it."