After the strange happenstance last week with absentee officials the Rockets seemed ready to take the field at Eagleville Thursday night. Westwood was able to bury an attempted comeback to win 20-16.

The rushing attack was the name of the game for both the Rockets and the Eagles. Both teams cut swathes of yards through the opposing defense with quick jump cuts and it seemed that each team was daring the other to score on a long run.

The second quarter featured this back and forth at the forefront. Westwood was behind by two after a failed two point conversion earlier in the half and the Eagles option style offense began to take its toll on the Rockets defense. After receiving a kickoff near mid field, Isaiah Deadman looked dead to rights near the line of scrimmage as he was being handed the ball. Instead the elusively fast runner made a quick cut past the defensive tackle and sprinted for over a 45 yard touchdown capped off with a successful two point conversion to put the Rockets up 14 to 8 going into the half. Deadman would pull off a similar trick in the second half but didn’t quite find pay dirt, instead setting up his quarterback for the sneak to put the Rockets up late in the game.

The Rocket’s defense was ultimately responsible for the win however as the aforementioned quarterback sneak was scored with four minutes left on the clock. Coach Chad Dyer made the situation clear to his defense, “We stop them here we come out of here with a win. Just make sure not to give up any plays deep and they don’t have a chance.” The Rocket defense had the odds stacked against them for the final offensive series for the Eagles. An unsuccessful onside attempt gave the Eagles the ball at midfield and the running attack had been potent for them all night. Thankfully the Rockets had keyed into the tendencies of the Eagleville quarterback and forced him to make some bad reads that left the Eagles in a fourth down do or die situation. A final desperate through to the right sideline was quickly covered by the Rocket secondary giving the Rockets the win.

The Rockets are looking to keep the win streak alive next week against Cannon County.