Pauline Vaughn

This week in history from the headlines of the Manchester Times:


50 years ago:

Golf and Track will be offered at Coffee County Central High School for first time

Cost of college low for Motlow students- $571/year

Bob Hogsett elected as coach at Central

Manchester Drive In: The Impossible Years

Powers Market: 10lb sugar - $0.98


20 years ago:

Governor welcomes VIAM plant

“61 years ago:” May 21, 1938 Gerald Cortner from Wartrace and Claude Carroll from Tullahoma were added to the faculty of the Coffee County Central High School

Waterfront property Normandy Lake - $198,000


10 years ago:

Franklin County opens free health clinic for uninsured

Counterfeit money continues to circulate in area


Pauline Vaughn serves as director of the Coffee County Manchester Public Library. The library has newspaper articles, registers of deeds and Census Records available for the public to view.