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This article is the third installment in a summer series entitled Sports Rewind. This summer, The Manchester Times will take a look back at Coffee County Central High School’s 2022 Graduates that continued to play their sport at a Colligate level. Rewind the clock and take a look at the CCCH… Read moreSports Rewind: Madison Rooker


Plans to help build a stadium for the Oakland Athletics and lure major film makers to Las Vegas through tax credits are in flux after Nevada lawmakers adjourned their four-month legislative session. The future of the bills are now uncertain after the Democratic-controlled Legislature did not advance them before the midnight deadline as Monday turned to Tuesday. In a statement early Tuesday, Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo said he would call a special session and set the agenda. He hadn't by Tuesday evening. A spokesperson for Democratic Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager confirmed later Tuesday those two items will not be under consideration in a special legislative session.